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The Wording of the Proposed 28th Amendment

Section 1. [Artificial Entities Such as Corporations Do Not Have Constitutional Rights]

The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only.

Artificial entities established by the laws of any State, the United States, or any foreign state shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People, through Federal, State, or local law.

The privileges of artificial entities shall be determined by the People, through Federal, State, or local law, and shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

Section 2. [Money is Not Free Speech]

Federal, State, and local government shall regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidate’s own contributions and expenditures, to ensure that all citizens, regardless of their economic status, have access to the political process, and that no person gains, as a result of their money, substantially more access or ability to influence in any way the election of any candidate for public office or any ballot measure.

Federal, State, and local government shall require that any permissible contributions and expenditures be publicly disclosed.

The judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment.

Nevada County MTA Accomplishments so far

  • We held several successful large (100 to 200 people) educational events.
  • We presented a resolution supporting an amendment to the Nevada City Council, which passed it unanimously.
  • We tabled at several events and received many petition signatures.
  • We decided on wording for a resolution we plan to present to Grass Valley City Council and to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.
  • We had these cards made to hand out everywhere.

 MTA Card Front ImageMTA Card Back Image

  • We were in two parades, dancing to “Corporations Aren’t People.”
  • We created a Nevada County – Move to Amend FaceBook page, a google groups email list and this web site.
  • We had a great 10 hour long freeway banner event with spots on both local radio channels, to keep the message alive.