Nevada County MTA Accomplishments so far

  • We held several successful large (100 to 200 people) educational events.
  • We presented a resolution supporting an amendment to the Nevada City Council, which passed it unanimously.
  • We tabled at several events and received many petition signatures.
  • We decided on wording for a resolution we plan to present to Grass Valley City Council and to the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.
  • We had these cards made to hand out everywhere.

 MTA Card Front ImageMTA Card Back Image

  • We were in two parades, dancing to “Corporations Aren’t People.”
  • We created a Nevada County – Move to Amend FaceBook page, a google groups email list and this web site.
  • We had a great 10 hour long freeway banner event with spots on both local radio channels, to keep the message alive.

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