Toxic Trade Agreements, Corporate Globalization, and the Movement for Global Justice

A Presentation and Conversation with Emanuel Sferios and Sharon Delgado

6:30 to 8 p.m, December 3

Tomes Bookstore, 671 Maltmann, Grass Valley


December 3 is the Global Day of Action against Toxic Trade Agreements.  There will be actions in countries around the world, including a Sacramento Action planned by organizers from Nevada County.  That evening at 6:30, Sharon Delgado and Emanuel Sferios will speak at Tomes Bookstore on “Toxic Trade Agreements, Corporate Globalization, and the Movement for Global Justice.”  Tomes is at 671 Maltmann, in Grass Valley.


People working on various peace, justice, and environmental issues need to know how global trade rules impact their areas of concern.  This introductory presentation and conversation is geared toward people who want to better understand toxic trade agreements such as the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the larger project of global corporate rule, and peoples’ movements to transform the global system through participatory democracy.


Supreme Court rulings such as Citizens United grant and extend civil rights to corporations and allow them to dominate culture, economics and government in the United States.  The World Trade Organization and so-called “free trade agreements” such as NAFTA and the proposed TPP extend the power of corporations on a transnational and global scale.  They allow corporations to write the rules for governments to follow, not just about trade but in matters of domestic law.


Emanuel Sferios and Sharon Delgado have been involved with issues of corporate globalization and with the movement for global justice for many years.  They will provide an overview of the ideology and rationale for the corporate takeover of democracy, show whom it benefits, and give examples of how it harms individuals, the human and earth community, and future generations.  They will explain how the TPP constitutes a “corporate coup” by extending corporate authority over every area of life, and about the growing movement to oppose fast track and to “flush the TPP.”


This is an initial presentation and conversation, designed to get us talking about what we might want to do locally to highlight this issue and link it to the other work we are doing.  It is being sponsored by Nevada County Move to Amend.  For more information call 265-5976.


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