Next Nevada County Move to Amend Meeting

All natural persons are welcome

The next Nevada County Move to Amend meeting is:

Tue. Dec. 9th at 5:30 pm.

Tomes Books 671 Maltman Dr. Grass Valley – next to Sierra Mtn. Coffee Roasters

We will discuss how the “meet a MTA national spokesperson event” went.

2014 is an election year so we’ll hand out elected officials contact info, so folks can ask them were they stand on corporate person-hood and money as speech.

We’ll  review contacts that we’ve made to build our coalition.

We’ll also do more money stamping!

Stamped 1 dollar bill

Plus whatever anyone who comes wants to discuss.




I hope you can join us, Charly Price

8 responses to “Next Nevada County Move to Amend Meeting

  1. Leah Schwinn

    Hey Everyone,
    We’ll have the MTA stamps at the meeting, so bring some money to get it stamped: NOT TO BE USED FOR BRIBING POLITICAINS or
    Seph and Leah

  2. I can do lettering on banners (I did the insignia on airplanes) or I am a weldor with a fully equipped shop and materials. 530-6154546

    • Hey Tom, I couldn’t think of any welding needs before. But now if you’re still wanting to we might have something for our booth at the Nevada County Fair. We’re meeting to figure out what cool interactive things we are going to do to at the booth. If you’re interested please join us at Leah’s house tue 6/18 @ 5pm. Plus we’ll be in the Grass Valley 4th of July Parrade and we’ld love to have you join us!
      Thanks, Charly

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  4. Related to your money stamping, did you see this research out of the Sunlight Foundation?

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