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The next Move to Amend meeting will be Tuesday, Feb. 24th at 5:30 at Tomes, 671 Maltman Dr., Grass Valley. Come get involved in our self-education program (or just listen) and help plan how we should move forward on building the grassroots movement to amend the Constitution.

Next Move to Amend meeting

Our next meeting will be on Tues. Jan 27th at 5:30 PM at Tomes/Sierra Mountain Coffee Roasters, 671 Maltman Drive,  Grass Valley. We will be beginning our self-education program in which we take an issue relevant to Move to Amend, research it, and teach each other about it. Come and learn more deeply about how it all works and why we need to end corporate control of our government as well as getting money out of politics.  We’ll also talk about what we can do in 2015 to move forward on this. Everyone welcome.

Next Nevada County Move to Amend Meeting

All natural persons are welcome

The next Nevada County Move to Amend meeting is:

Tue. Dec. 9th at 5:30 pm.

Tomes Books 671 Maltman Dr. Grass Valley – next to Sierra Mtn. Coffee Roasters

We will discuss how the “meet a MTA national spokesperson event” went.

2014 is an election year so we’ll hand out elected officials contact info, so folks can ask them were they stand on corporate person-hood and money as speech.

We’ll  review contacts that we’ve made to build our coalition.

We’ll also do more money stamping!

Stamped 1 dollar bill

Plus whatever anyone who comes wants to discuss.




I hope you can join us, Charly Price

California State Grange Convention passes resolution calling for the Amendment!

It just happened at the California State Grange’s 142nd Convention in San Luis Obispo CA. All 108 delegates voted in favor of a resolution calling for an amendment to the U.S. Constitution clarifying that only natural persons have Constitutional Rights and that money is property not speech and can be regulated regarding effecting elections.

This is great because the California State Grange has a lobbyist that will be pushing legislators to support the Amendment.

Meet a National Move to Amend Spokesperson

We are hosting a FREE community event

Join Move to Amend Program Coordinator, Jessica Munger, and Spokesperson Margaret Koster, as they tour California in October giving their talk “Creating Democracy & Challenging Corporate Rule.” Part history lesson and part heart-felt-call to action, Margaret and Jessica will tell the story of the American creation myth and the Constitution as it pertains to corporate personhood and illegitimate but legal corporate constitutional rights.

Wednesday October 15, 7-9pm

at Seaman’s Lodge

in Pioneer Park, 423 Nimrod Street, Nevada City

the Nevada City Constitution Day Parade was a big success!

We had just enough people for each of the 27 Amendments plus the big sign for our “28th Amendment”.

The crowd response just keeps getting better with each parade we do.

We are definitely getting the word out.

Thanks to all of you who are staying with this for the long run,



Banner Grange is taking an Amendment Resolution to the California State Grange Convention!

At their August meeting the Banner Grange voted unanimously to propose to the California State Grange (at their 2014 convention) that the CA State Grange pass a resolution calling for our Amendment to the US Constitution! The State Grange has been very supportive of small local farms and sees the harm caused to them by Monsanto and other large corporation. The State Grange has an active lobby in Sacramento and I anticipate them being great allies in or fight to curb the power of the large corporation and the extremely wealthy.

Charly Price

Great Showing at the Nevada City 4th of July Parade! We got the 2nd Place Ribbon!

MTA 2014 Nevada City 4th of July 2nd Place sm

The crowd loved our message! We reached out to the general public and they loved it.

The crowd was even more supportive than at the last parade. The momentum building!

4th of july parade nevada city 2014(1)

Around 60 people joined in to make it happen!

Please email me your photos and videos ([email protected]) and I’ll post them as they become available.

This was by far the biggest number of folks we’ve had in a parade. It showed the crowd that the movement is strong and growing!

Thanks, Charly Price
Nevada County Move to Amend
[email protected]

Banner Grange supports the Amendment!

On May 17th the Banner Grange unanimously voted to adopt a resolution calling for an amendment to the US Constitution to end corporate person-hood and to end money as political speech.

Now that the Banner Grange has adopted the resolution it can (and will) be proposed to the California Grange at their next convention.

the Banner Grange Seed Swap!

It was the best seed swap the grange has had!

A lot of people sign our petition and donated

I’m sure the Grange will do another swap next year.